Friday, August 15, 2008

These are the Days...

I thought you would like this one...As you may or may not know, we are expecting a new little baby in mid-November! This is an exciting time for our family, of course, but in the middle of summer, it gets a little old for Amy. Heat, humidity, and pregnancy don't go well together for her. But in keeping up her good spirits, she decided to use a little comedy to lighten the load. If you know the tune "Days of Elijah" by Robin Mark, you can sing along with these new lyrics:

(Amy) These are the days of confinement
My belly is swelling once more.
And these are the days of emotions- soaring
And soon I won't fit through the door.

And though these are days of great trials
of cravings and nautiousness too.
Still we are awaiting this new arrival
With joy as we're praising the Lord!

Behold he comes
clothed in baby blue
in a bascinette and a diaper too
He lifts his voice!
It's the end of peaceful nights.
(Paul) I think I'm gonna move into the garage!

This verse goes out to all our friends who are also pregnant this summer. God bless you for the remainder of your pregnancy!

Paul and Amy

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