Friday, April 4, 2014

God is the Master Artist

"Time is the brush of God, as He paints His masterpiece on the heart of humanity." Ravi Zacharias

I love this thought. I've always thought of God as the Master Artist. We can see it in all of creation from the complexity of the human body to the stars in the heavens. But with the hearts of men, his master piece is still a work in progress. Until we take our last breath we have the opportunity to be a part of the great unveiling of God's glory.

Like one of the greatest stories ever written or told, or one of the greatest movies ever to play in theaters, History is real life art depicting the story of God's love and patience with His creation.

Each of us plays a roll in His Great Story. What character do you or will you play? How will God's story in you play into the rest of the story? And how will your character affect others in His story? Will you be the one others are rooting for because of your kindness, love, generosity, perserverance, selflessness, honor, truthfulness, nobility and faithfulness? Or are there things in your life that you would do better to set aside?

I'm speaking of things that expose a person as the "bad guy" in the story. You know what I'm talking about, right? The bad guy is always the liar, deceiver, backstabber, naysayer, gossip, jealous, envious, untrustworthy, faithless, cowardly, out of control, evil doer who would rather cling to his own evil way and blame others than come under the command to love others as he would love himself.

Honestly, if we consider the command of Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves what do you think that would look like? Would there be gossip? Would there be false testimony? Would there be neglect? Would there be abuse? Would there be temper tantrums? Would there be cheating, gossiping, lying or slander, hurtful words spoken, hatred, malice, conniving or contriving? Not one of these "qualities" is ever associated with the "good guy" character in a story. These things are always associated with the "bad guy" that no one is rooting for, the one that causes everyone to hold his breath and wait for justice to be had at the end of the story.

What roll do you play? What roll do you want to play? You are the masterpeice...and God is willing to paint in you the story of a "NEW CREATION" if you are willing to repent and turn to Him. Like the "bad guy gone good" at the end of a story, anyone can repent and be redeemed. And in the end that person always captures the hearts of and becomes endeared to the audience because of his character's miraculous transformation.

You could be that guy. :) Way cool!

"If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old is gone, the new has come." 2 Corninthians 5:17

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