Thursday, December 18, 2008

Son of Majesty

Our first album, Son of Majesty, was released in December 2006. SOM started out as a collection of songs that Amy had written with our children in mind. Amy loves to write for children's voices, and sometimes those songs change shape and come out in a different form by the time they are completed. Now, two years later, more of our children are able to lend their voices to the mix, and we love to sing together.

Last year, we started doing church concerts featuring the music from the CD. The concerts have been very well received, and gratefully, they seem to help accomplish the goal that was behind Son of Majesty from the beginning. It has been our desire, to create a CD project that would reflect the worshipful spirit we should be in at Christmas time, but often find we are not. With our commercial American culture and busy schedules, it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that Christmas celebrates the incarnation of God Himself!

That's why Son of Majesty has such a peaceful and worshipful mood. We hope that anyone who listens to it, will take the time to consider that wonderful work that God did in sending His Son.

You can learn more about Son of Majesty at our website,, including song samples and stories behind the music.

May you be blessed this Christmas season!
Paul and Amy Redding