Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Power of Hell, No Scheme of Man

You can probably name the song that this phrase comes from.   It's one of my favorites.  Of course, I have a few.  But In Christ Alone is one of the best.  For some reason this phrase in particular plays in my mind from time to time.   I don't know why, but it just pops in and repeats in my thoughts.   Perhaps it's the swell of the melody.   Perhaps it's the promise that I cling to.  It's comforting to know that as formidable as any foe can be, even if it is Satan himself, the truth is, nothing can pluck me from God's hand.  

With as many hurting people in the world as there are, and as many stories as any one person might have regarding adversity, it's not uncommon to hear people ask the question,
"If God is a good God, why does He let (insert any possible problem here) happen?"  

I've answered this question many times for both believers and non believers.  If we all look back over our years and consider things that have happened, we might all find something formidable that shakes us.  These things might come for any number of reasons.  But, no matter why they come, there are two things certain.  Satan would use them to destroy us and God would use them to refine us and inspire His praise upon our lips. 

It's true even regarding the current wickedness our nation has embraced.  Homosexuality is not a new thing.  The only new thing is that the Supreme Court has now placed homosexual relationships legally on par with God given marriage calling them equal.  But there is no equality with the wicked and the righteous.  And there never shall be.  It shouldn't surprise any of us that the wicked act wickedly and celebrate such things.  But please don't for one moment believe that wickedness and righteousness have anything in common.  

It may be that some of God's children are reeling from the ruling, but in truth, Jesus said these things would happen.  None of what the wicked do or push for should take any of us by surprise.    I did cry when I heard the news.  Not because I hate gays.  Not because I want to hinder anyone's "love", though I will not equate lust with love ever because they are just not the same no matter what anyone would have us believe.  I cried for my nation that increasingly heaps God's wrath upon itself.  I cried because of the great deception that has come and will only get worse.  We are told in scripture that many will be deceived and that they will be deceived because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved.  My sorrow was like that of Jesus when he wept for Jerusalem and her blindness.  But my sorrow was not one of defeat.  Nor was it one of resignation.  It was one of great longing for the salvation of the lost.  Including those who once believed themselves to be Christians but have turned away.  

I want to encourage true believers everywhere not to become downcast within themselves during this current swell of wicked pride.  This is another step toward the defining line.  There will come a time when the wicked will no longer be able to freely and successfully blend in with the righteous children of God.  Even now you can see the lines becoming clearer.  Those who believe God and His word are standing strong for righteousness in many ways, not just regarding the matter of homosexuality.   
Those who have convoluted their minds and embraced doctrines of sexuality that do not align with God's are even now becoming bold enough to show where their allegiance truly lies .  If you don't believe me, just take a look at all the rainbows on Facebook and the news.  These people have hijacked a symbol of promise from God and applied it to their profile pictures and even the White House to represent their rejection of God's will and plan for sexuality.  They flaunt their chosen path with pride and those who "like" and support their choice are no less accountable for the wickedness that is going on.  

Believers, this should not hinder your praises.  God is still a good God, even when He hands the wicked over to their delusions.  God is still a good God even when the wicked revel and rejoice in what they fail to see is God's patience with them.  

I've been asking and praying for the Church to become obvious.   And so now it it upon us.  Those who accept God's word and believe are becoming more and more noticeable as the wicked masses who at one time have been able to blend in are now openly displaying their lack of wisdom and love for God's truth.   

Fear not.  No power of Hell, nor scheme of man will ever pluck you from His hand.  I encourage you to maintain an attitude of humility while at the same time maintaining God's standard of holiness outlined for us in scripture.  The world will have you believe that you are wrong and merely being hateful for agreeing with God that sin is sin.  The world will call you a bigot and hypocrite and hater and many other things.  It will push to stifle the truth spoken from your lips and will seek to put it's foot upon you socially.  The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  This is not new.  Believers will become more and more defined as wickedness becomes more and more promoted and accepted.  You may even now have noticed the "good christian friend" you thought you knew so well has all this time embraced and condoned the perversion of homosexuality, making her stance clear socially via Facebook.  This is a good thing to notice. She was a good blender before now.  You knew not how to pray for her.  But she's come out of the closet and openly aligned herself with the wicked.  It may grieve you as it has grieved me many times in the past.  But it should never cause you to feel afraid or lost.  No power of hell or scheme of man can ever pluck you from His hand.   And if your friend truly loves God and belongs to Him, she will set aside her wickedness and agree with God, even if it takes great hardship and sorrow to bring her to that point.  Until then, we must pray and continue to speak the truth in love so as to snatch people from the clutches of Death.  

May God continue to guide His children in all love and faithfulness.  May His Spirit fill each one of His children with the knowledge of the Truth.  May we humbly repent of our sin and seek His face and do His will even in the face of blatant wickedness and frenzied worship of perversion.  
God Bless you!