Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coming Soon!

Coming soon..... a long awaited new album by the Redding family.

This one will be titled, Nothing But Holy (we think) after the song that started it all for us. In our former church, we introduced a new song to the congregation, which had kind of just fallen into our laps. Amy sketched out the lyrics and melody in her mind and when I got home from work she asked me to listen to the melody and see what I thought. I could immediately hear the chords she had been trying to find, and so I sat down to play. As I played, it became obvious what notes to play next and essentially we performed the song in its entirety the very first time! It was a really neat "God moment"!

People in church really responded well to the song and its meaning and they began to urge us to record our music. That is how our ministry began. We have since recorded one project of Christmas songs entitled, "Son of Majesty", and now it is time for a project featuring Amy's inspirational and worship songs. We hope you will enjoy it.

While we do not have a solid date set yet for release, our hopes are to have it ready to go this fall. Please stay tuned to this blog and our website, for more information as it develops.

God Bless!

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