Friday, January 24, 2014

They Make It Look Easy

I can know a song forward and backward, but for some reason and unpredictably so, I sometimes go completely blank just before starting a song. It's gotten to be really funny at times and my family is beginning to recognize that "look" I get in my eyes that says, " does this song go?".

This is a picture of our children just before we sang for the 2014 Memorial Day service at Beaver Creek Church. After the concert Paul was commenting on the "look" I had on my face just as we began "I Saw The Light". I told him I was momentarily freaking out because I forgot the melody. That's when Camon (age 5), in all seriousness, piped up and said, "Mama, if that happens again, just follow me."

My children have taken their turns throughout the years, giving me good reason to laugh.  They take a serious moment, weighed down with the stress and pressures of being in front of an audience and turn it into something simple and humorous.  I am so blessed.  

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