Friday, May 2, 2014

A Stench

Today we cleaned the barn. The kids worked very hard forking and hauling the manure out. It took all day! When we were finished and showered up we called a "fun night" and went to Cool Stuff for supper and treats. YUM!

What is bothering me now is...I can STILL smell the manure! The kids insist that it gets "stuck" in our noses. I don't know, it could be just a memory, but every once in awhile I get a whiff of the nasty smell and we can't find a source.

I wonder what would happen if the "stench" of sin hung around and haunted us like the stench of manure does after cleaning a barn. I wonder how many of us would go back to it. I want to keep that mental image in my mind...and in doing so, maybe the "stench" of sin will help me choose to obey God rather than my flesh. I'm thinking that it would make a difference.  

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