Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Without Hesitation

In January I wrote about a situation my family was thrust into suddenly and without warning.  My youngest son, Camon, developed a tumor in his leg.  His doctor, the surgeon, the oncologist and everyone else in between were convinced it was a malignant soft tissue sarcoma in his left thigh.  And so we as a family did, without hesitation, the one thing we know to do.  We sought the Lord and He heard our cry.

After what felt like an eternity his biopsy results came back negative for cancer even though the enitial look in the lab the day of the biopsy showed what looked to be cancer cells.  But even though we were fearful and sick with worry, even though Camon's pain was extreme and it was difficult to see him suffering so much, we knew our greatest help was God's mercy and so we prayed.  And we believed in His goodness and ability to heal and change what doctors were believing and seeing.  We asked in faith and we received with joy the answer.  Camon's tumor was benign.

Today, after months of waiting for his surgery to remove the tumor Camon has pulled through with no incident, little blood lost and very little loss of muscle tissue.  The tumor had shrunk drastically and was roughly the size of a mango pit, solid bone.  We are thanking and praising God for His grace to us.  We are also thankful for the many many people who have been praying with us for Camon's healing.  We have the "yes" we were hoping for.

I am sitting in the waiting room.  I have still not seen Camon as he has not come out of recovery yet.  But I am filled with praise for the doctor's report of Camon's condition and the outlook for his recovery.  I wanted to share my praise with everyone I could, so after calling and texting those closest to me I thought I would update his condition here as well.

We are so thankful.  I want to encourage all of you to seek the Lord without hesitation.  Call upon Him at all times.  He is a gracious and loving God who freely gives to all who ask in faith.  We continue to abide in Jesus.  The opportunity awaits for you to abide with Him as well.

Thank you to those who have kept us in prayer.

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