Friday, July 11, 2014

With God, Timing is Everything

1 Corinthians 14:40 "But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way."

Um...yeah...I find this one challenging. I like order. And I strive for it in our home. But I'm not a master in this area.

Sometimes when a good idea hits, it's just easy to want to jump in and get it done. I can easily get caught up in the moment and in the fun of the idea and before you know it, I've knocked a wall or two out in our house and the challenge of cleaning up a construction mess and "resetting the house" before Paul comes home from work becomes the game.

This has only happened a couple of times. But the fact that it's happened more than once should give you an idea of the kind of person I am. lol! Usually when he comes home, I smile and say, "Look what I did, Honey!" hehehe! And then he smiles sweetly and helps me finish my task. (I just love him to death!)

I'm not just like this with our home or farm. I'm kinda like this in general. And it's a real discipline for me to slow down. I guess it's because when I see a need it's easy for me to be a problem solver and jump in to fix it.

But here's the challenge of having my personality and "go get 'em attitude, sometimes it's NECESSARY to wait. And! But God is working on me and teaching me (yes, even though I'm in my 40's I am still learning) and helping me to see that there is a time and place for everything. And sometimes the game has to be the game of "Be Still and Know That I Am God".

So when it comes to matters that seem pressing, but I can not do anything to fix it, I'm learning to praise, even though I don't like the patience game very much. And I'm learning that God works all things to His glory and our good in His timing, not my own.

I want to encourage you, Church, not to shy away from the times when God is asking you to wait. With God, timing is everything. And no one's timing is better than God's! In waiting you have the opportunity to pray, and to consider what God would have you do, before you make rash decisions...and mistakes. His will is worth it's revealing, but you can't force His hand.

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