Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spiritually Rich!

This weekend Paul and I are at the Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis, MN.  I am truly impressed with the great wealth we have in this nation.  What a gift to be able to sit with thousands of other Believers learning more about the Christian Faith and the Great God we serve, freely and without fear.  We are not meeting in secret.  We are free to listen, learn, love and worship openly.  Wow!  We are rich!

That richness doesn't just involve our ability to worship.  We also have the great wealth of comfort and ease.   We have such wealth in our nation, I can't help but to think of how rich we are in comparison to countries where getting water is a constant struggle or where medical help is next to impossible.  Having lived in  Turkey for a couple years as a child, I can appreciate their struggle some.  But what I've never experienced is a hinderance to my worship.  And that is what is standing out to me tonight.

When I say hinderance, I'm not talking about getting dirty looks for praying publicly before a meal.  I'm talking about the persecution going on in places like Iraq, Indonesia and Sudan etc.  They could only dream of doing what we did today.  Literally thousands of worshipers, singing, crying, praising and hearing the word of God being taught were all gathered together openly in a huge air-conditioned auditorium with cushy seats and a beautiful ambiance.  I am blown away.  I am simply amazed at this HUGE gift!  It brought tears to my eyes while I was there, and I am still humbled by this awesome privilege.

For those of you who do not live in the US, you may not have ever experienced this kind of liberty.  Maybe you know Jesus, but open corporate worship is not your norm.  Maybe you do live in the US, but have never seen the value of corporate worship.  Consider it a gift!

I'd like to pray for you.  I would love it if you could be here taking part in this amazing gathering.  But mostly what I pray for is that you will know God and be known by God.  If you do not, but would like to,  I can help with some things.  You may contact me if you like and my husband and I will do our best to help you know about God.

For tonight, consider taking the time to thank God for the amazing and wonderful gifts He's given you.  When we start looking around, it isn't difficult to see them.  It is very humbling.  And it is good.    You might even discover that the opportunities you have to worship with others is a gift and privilege, and it might take on a whole new appeal.  No matter what, if you belong to God, one day we will be worshipping Him together as a united body.  That day is going to be astounding.  Until then, I sure am thankful for experiences like I had today.  These moments are just a taste of what is coming.

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