Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Is The Man

Proverbs 3:13
"Happy is the man who acquires wisdom, and who acquires understanding."

Have you ever noticed that there is never a lack for distraction?  Always, when my heart is filled with praise, there is something that rises up to steal my attention.  In my opinion, this is no coincidence.  I am convinced that when God says that "The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy" it includes the theft of our happiness.  

But wisdom and understanding surpass the enemy’s reach.  The one who clings to them acquires Godly happiness.  We all have happy times in our lives, but there is something distinctly different between the earthly happiness of the common man, and the eternal happiness of the man of God.  Our joy never fades, even in the face of adversity or trials because it is rooted in hope.  The happiness of the man who has found wisdom and understanding is an eternal kind of joy that gladdens the heart for now and causes the heart to rejoice over the future.

As a Believer I've experienced this.  I've experienced a thoroughly happy heart that can not be clouded by the condemnation of scoffers or their sins against me.  It does not diminish when physical circumstances change.  And when I die, I am confident that my happiness will only blossom into the original joy that Adam and Eve were created to experience.  

If there were one thing that could rob me of that joy, the thought of people I love, rejecting God and suffering for all eternity might be it.  But with the promises of God continually being at the forefront of my mind, even that horrific thought has no power to diminish my joy, because I have confidence that God loves each and every one of us so much, that He will continually work to redeem His own.  And that brings me right back to the hope that gives me the joy I have.   

My prayer is that I will continue to represent God's love justly, so that each and every one of you who hears me sing or reads my words will come away having been built up in knowledge, rooted in Truth and firmly established in the Faith.  I pray for that, even if you are one who at present scoffs at the word of truth, doubts the Christian faith or suspects the intent of believers who share their faith.  God's love surpasses all of that, and He loves you.  

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