Friday, August 2, 2013

Look To The Maker For Your Morals

"The dignity of man lies in the fact that he looks up to his Maker for his morals, not down to the beasts."  Rob Slane

Human kind is vastly different from all other creatures God created.  No other species is capable of entering into a "covenant marriage".  God created it while Adam and Eve were still in the garden, for mankind alone.  And the morals governing marriage have not changed...because God does not change.  And even though all throughout history mankind has twisted the definition of marriage (much like everything else designed by God is eventually twisted by Satan or man), God's intent remains steadfast, even as He remains steadfast.  

Many have used "nature" to validate  the notion that homosexuality is "natural" and therefore "acceptable".  But if you look at animals and take your cues from them...what can you possibly expect to gain except an inferior understanding of what God created?  

"The dignity of man lies in the fact that he looks up to his Maker for his morals, not down to the beasts."  

We can see all sorts of sexual behavior in the realm of "nature".  We see polygamy, rape, homosexuality, incest, even interspecies relations, and more.  Should we pattern our understanding of what marriage is off of "nature"?  NO! 

Marriage is so much more than a sexual relationship.  God designed the emotional and physical make up of men and women to compliment each other...even providing for the possibility of procreation through their physical union.  This union brings glory to God, demonstrating His ability to design everything perfectly with a purpose.  We are not merely designed to gratify ourselves and our mate...we were designed to show the glory of God in our union.  

While many people have used the phrase, "my better half", this gives the idea that two people who are incomplete come together and form one complete couple.  Rather than thinking this way, it would be better to think of it as two complete people being brought together to form one complete marriage.  When a man and woman are married they become one...yet they are still complete individuals living in submission and unity, much like the Trinity is three distinct persons making up one God.  In the same way each of the members of the Trinity compliments and glorifies the other, so a man and woman compliment and uphold one another bringing glory to God.  

When we deviate from what God created we miss the opportunity to bring Him glory.  Whether it's through divorce, adultery, fornication or homosexuality, the beautiful gift of a marital relationship is corrupted and consequently we miss our opportunity to participate in what He created to be a glorious and God honoring experience.  Marriage should be a picture of submissive and complimentary wills binding together to bring glory to God through the sacrifice of laying down individual "self-lives".  First and foremost we submit ourselves to God...then to each other.  

Much like Cain and Able who brought their sacrifices to the alter...many are trying to trade the desired sacrifice of submission to God and each other in holy matrimony for a twisted version of what they believe should be acceptable to God.  But just as Cain's sacrifice was not acceptable, neither is a homosexual union acceptable as a way to glorify Him.  God desires a sacrifice that pleases HIM, which is not the same thing as a sacrifice that pleases ourselves (such as Cain offered).

I was recently asked if I would support legislation to create "civil unions" for homosexual couples.  I will never.  The reason is simple, really.  God did not create men to lie with men or women to lie with women.  God did not create marriage for same sex couples.  And though not all in our country adhere to Christian morals, the fact remains that I can not, as a God fearing woman, call something God calls an abomination "acceptable".  

Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

Some may be strongly convinced that my stance is simply bigoted and unfair.  But I have to take my cues and get my morals from my Maker...not from the feeble substitution of man's sense of justice.  Wisdom is first found in the fear of The Lord, not in the opinions of man. 

So why do (or should) Christian men and women strive to protect marriage as being between one man and one woman?  Because that is what God created it to be.  And why should we stand against homosexuality (yet still loving those who struggle with it)?  Because it is an abomination to God.  

If our Nation continues on it's path of rejecting what God has said is right we can not expect His hand of mercy to be upon us.  We as His people can not redesign what He designed.  We MUST call evil, evil and good, good.  We can not redefine those words.  Nor can we redefine the gift of marriage.  

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