Friday, February 14, 2014

I Forgive You

"I forgive you"...

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably able to speak these words with honesty, more easily than you would have ever imagined you would be capable of doing? It's that moment when God loves the person who has offended or wronged you, through you. And every ounce of your being believes it and means it.

But what of the occasional moments that take you by surprise with a sudden and unexpected burst of anger or revulsion for the one you've forgiven? Where does that come from and why? When once forgiveness is offered, why are there times when emotions and remembrances drag us back to the place of bondage to bitterness?

These are questions for which I've yet to find least answers that satisfy. The best I've known so far is that forgiveness is not just a one time deal, but a continual offering of love and grace. And when I let my guard down and dabble in remembering a record of wrongs, my heart is easily drawn to the wounds and the hurt caused by others. But love keeps no record of wrongs. And though I am tempted from time to time to dwell on things past, and reopen wounds healed and forgiven, I can still be an overcomer of this temptation when I call to mind that Jesus also paid for every sin ever committed against me. And in dwelling on His grace and love, it once again becomes easier to offer the same grace and love to others.

Matthew 6:12 "and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us."

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